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Aaron Tveit Way - Middletown, New York (The Unveiling)

A Middie myself, I was happy to find out that Horton Hospital wouldn’t be demolished, and that they had instead turned it into a medical college! I was also happy to find out that Middletown would be naming a street after Mr. Tveit! The sign is strategically placed outside of the Paramount theatre, where I spent most of my childhood attending plays, musicals and concerts. 

Of course, these two events going on in my hometown meant I absolutely had to attend! I’m glad I did, and I’m thankful I got the opportunity to snag some photos as well!

Now I want to slip in a little thank-you to Mr. Tveit, who was sweet and patient, and took a photo with me and signed some things as well (which I likely will not be posting.)



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Aaron at Manhattan Film Institute’s screening of Les Mis and Q&A at Peconic Landing - 7/17/14

As always, feel free to use my pictures but I can not emphasize enough to PLEASE give me credit if you do (Tracy/rhythmstarfruitcitrus). Thanks again so much! ENJOY! :)  

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This is the first few minutes of the Q&A that I recorded. Sorry for the quality.

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Me and my SO found an abandoned baby opossum at the park!

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just before “what! what!”

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Trailer for Blood Moon

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Graceland - Season 1 DVD Special Feature “The Real Graceland”

Password: TonyAward

Cast: Aaron Tveit, Daniel Sunjata, Vanessa Ferlito, Serinda Swan, Manny Montana, Brandon Jay McLaren

Alternate Link:

Other Season 1 DVD speacial features:

1. Gag Reel (links: Vimeo,

2. Deleted Scenes Part I (links: Vimeo,

3. Deleted Scenes Part II (links: Vimeo,

4. Deleted Scenes Part III (links: Vimeo,

5. “The Real Graceland” (this post)

If the links above are not working for you, check back in a few days and see if I’ve managed to add alternate links by then (no guarantee, though, sorry).

To purchase the DVD:

Amazon, Best Buy,  TargetWalmart,  Barnes & Noble

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